Once you are on the DS106 Train

A new chapter of ds106 is starting.

ds106zone is an idea Dr. Garcia had about framing the Summer session around a Twilight Zone inspired thematic

from: bavatuesdays | a “b” blog

I’ve not idea about the twilight zone, well off my culture radar, so I am speed reading wikipedia and it looks like I’ll need to take a youtube trip. But DS106 is irresistible! A quick check to see if my blog is still in the mix:


A little fast, but I am working quickly. Giffing through the night.


It will be a scream on the DS106 Train.


A train ride you never wake up from!


I am not counting, but ds106 Assignments: From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond … and ds106 Assignments: All Aboard The GIF Train.

5 thoughts on “Once you are on the DS106 Train”

  1. Oh, John! If The Twilight Zone is from “off your cultural radar,” then you are certainly in for a treat! You will find that it is a wonderful reflection of North American culture from the late fifties and sixties!

    Oh, and the world of black and white television was just perfect for a shades of grey show like The Twilight Zone! You know that I mostly only see in black and white? (I never apply such absolutes to Friendships, because it never hurts to give someone a second chance. One second chance. If they deserve it.)

    You really should look up an episode from 1963 called “The Living Doll.” It is a real favourite of mine. I hope you like it, too.

    See you in the zone! The #ds106zone !!

    Your (maybe True) Friend

  2. If you haven’t seen any the Twilight Zone episodes, you are in for a major treat. I would recommend “Eye of the Beholder,” “To Serve Men,” and “Talky Tina” herself for some classic episodes, but there are so many. It would be like an American coming to the Prisoner for the first time, but TZ just has 140 more episodes 🙂

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