Maze of DS106


This started as a daily create, Create a Ghostly Portrait of Someone Who Is Participating in ds106. I added Tina to Seth’s wonderful In Case of Fire Move to the Nearest Exit which was a response to the daily create: Draw something on fire.

THe first version, peek a Tina was static, but I quickly got the idea that Tina could use her ninja skills in the Escher world. I posted this to google+. Seeing Janet’s ghost, based on a wall painting go me started adding more characters and posted: Maze of DS106 A bit of a work in progress.
Since then I’ve added a few more. There are now 10 ds106 participants in the mix.

Some credits, all cc as far as I could see. I did use a flickr user icon for Seth and Janet’s google plus icon.

Ghostly Selfie | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Vivi_Nottingham11 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
RockyLou Ripped from Reality! | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Haunted Melbourne Sunset | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
I knew there was something creepy about that fog | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
The ds106 99: #47 d&ds106 Monster Manual—Cogdog | bavatuesdays

The process was not very complicated basically a lot of layers. Only one or two slightly tricky bits were I copied railings to make a character appear behind them. Most of the images have changes in opacity and blend.

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  1. I’ve said it on Twitter, and I’ll say it again here: this is brilliant. It reminds me of a throwback 70s or 80s poster, but now with moving parts. It has this really compelling retro feel to it that I can’t fully articulate yet, but I absolutely love. You rock.

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