It’s Late, it’s Noir

It’s Late, it’s Noir

I flew in from a week south of the border the other night and took the long drive home. Waiting in my messages were a couple of odd ones. Burtis, Bond and Groom making unreasonabled demands.
I was going to ignore it, not let these three jokers push me around. I am not on the payroll. I’ve already missed the first deadline.
But there is something that catches my imagination. Something starts to hook In to my thoughts. Nagging at the back of my mind.
I pour a glass and start thinking. Burtis sounds like she is in charge. Bond laying back dark and mysterious taking over when needed. Groom slipping on and off the dial, a bit flaky hard to say if it’s an act?
Of course they are asking too much. They always do. They’ve laid out a web of links, suggestions, clues to nothing and nowhere. I’ve been doing this too long to just tag along. I’ve got my own methods. I’ll look around in my own way. Check the margins see what shakes out. I am a week behind, but then, this stuff isn’t going anywhere fast…


6 thoughts on “It’s Late, it’s Noir”

  1. You sound like a real funny guy, “John.” Gotta wonder where exactly you flew in from — or, rather, what you were flying away from.

    I’m keeping an eye on you, so don’t go anywhere.

  2. Well, hello there True Friend John!

    It is nice to know that the #noir106 file has provocative agents like us to help keep Burtis, Bond, and Groom on their toes.

    It would be good one day for me to get out my t rusty scissors and learn to do those super cuts like you do. I am very quick with scissors, so maybe I would be a natural at it like all the other things.

    Plus, more GIFs. It is always a good thing to make a GIF. I think I will make one right now, just because it is fun.

    Well, bye!

    Chief Agent and Operative
    TT Investigations and Special Missions

    1. Dollface,
      What’s a good looking girl doing hanging round a dump like this?
      Keep those scissors close, I think we’re going to need them. Spent the last couple of days trying to line up some srts trouble with that business sometimes…

  3. This is the most awesome thing I have ever read! You rock! They are making ‘unreasonable demands’ lol! What a class, huh? But it’s really fun!

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