Giffing the open range

Yesterday I read a great post on open which included this point:

Focusing on simple cost-benefit analysis models neglects the creative, fun and serendipitous aspects of openness and, ultimately, this is what keeps us learning.

The Cost of Freedom – The Open World | Open World

and noticed in Lorna’s twitter stream:

Which took me to: New York Public Library Invites a Deep Digital Dive – The New York Times

And on to:
Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse | The New York Public Library

where I searched:
Search results – “cowboy” – NYPL Digital Collections

And followed:

Cowboys on the range–an autumn beef roundup, Montana, U.S.A. – NYPL Digital Collections

Which linked to:

Step 2 CREATE : Stereogranimator

And so:

Using – “The Only Harmonica in The West” by IrishCinema and my Gifmovie plugin which Mariana’s post: Riding to Western 106 country reminded me of.

A little Fun and Serendipity on a rainy afternoon.

One thought on “Giffing the open range”

  1. Ha! Lovely find, I wish we could have an audio function on Tumblr….we could have an archive with all our audio gifs made with Gifmovie…I cannot stop listening to the music, it os so haunting.

    Lovely exploration of open in your rainy afternoon.

    I found what is said to be the ‘first western’ in my explorations today. Here is link:

    In case you want to remix 🙂 Sadly, I have to work this week!

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