DS106 GiF TV Needs You

I don’t think I am going to make many of my targets for credits in prisoner106 this week. Friday and I’ve not watched any of the footage yet.

I’ve stayed in my Village apartment watching the DV. More specifically DS106 Gif TV.

I though it might be time to write a bit here about that. It is really a bit of silliness based on another bit of silliness. It started here: Gif Scraping and a DS106 Gif API. The DS106 Gif API is behind DS106 Gif TV. It is not a well designed or performant api, not surprising really.

Anyway the TV is fed from the API. At the moment we pull in a number of blogs and feeds. I’ve just added the prisoner 106 feed. This has its own special channel along with a custom button (Thanks to Andrew for helping get the channel and the button which I mangled).

As I say the API is not all that well designed, so there will be duplication, but I don’t think that matters as you watch a random stream of gifs while listening to DS106 Radio.

The are currently 1769 gifs in the API but we need more. DS106 GiF TV needs you. It may be that you are already feeding into the api, you can see the list of sources at the bottom of the page: DS106 Random Gif API.

If not you can contribute your gifs by, 1. sending me an RSS feed to scrape, or 2. Joining the DS106 Gif Gallery Tumblr and adding gifs to that. Sen me a DM on twitter @johnjohnston for either option.

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