Remember to Create Daily

Last session, I started well but fell away from The Daily Create I want to have a better track record this time. So far, 5 days in I’ve managed to keep up, albeit by using one video to do two days.

I follow @DS106TDC but the tweets are lost in the stream.

I though I might try to make a wee reminded web app from my iPhone. This is pretty simple, I just made a webpage, that grabs the latest item from the daily create RSS feed (I think I am using the atom one). I just show the title as a link to the page. The page has the various meta tags to play nicely with the iphone and looks like this:

The above pulls the page into an iFrame with an iPhone background graphic, so should show todays page. Update 1 June, I’ve added links to the last 5 days and try to show submissions.

I then added a splash screen and an icon, so that I could save the webpage to my home screen:

Should do the trick, if any other ds106 folk would find this useful just visit: on your iphone and add to the home screen.

If anyone want to make me a better icon, please do.