Free the Groom

Now this is weird.


Given we can’t waste time I dug out a processing script I’d used before. I can’t recall where I got the original, or what changes I made, but it looks like I simplified it a lot and exported a series of frames to gifs. Stitched these together in FireWorks.

1 thought on “Free the Groom”

  1. Well, John, you are probably asleep by the time you read this in the future where you live, but you are a real hero for submitting all those GIFs to help free @jimgroom.

    You have received an official @jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event “Accepted GIF” badge, which you can download from my website.

    You have also received FIVE official @jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event “Extra GIF” badges, which you can also download and display proudly on your website.

    Thank you for your interest in the @jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event and we hope that you will play again next time!

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