Hitting The #Western106 Trail

The pony express delivered a message from The Man With No Course this morning. Looks like it is time to kick over the traces and git started.

I’ve already started some of the daily chores and adding to this here tally-book.

We have already come a way down the trail, so it might be time for a look back:

In December Mariana handed over the reins to @cogdog #tdc1444:

Was my response after a quick google for cowboy dogs.

The next day we looked west:

and a couple of days later I arrive at the barn:
Barn Glen Douglas

I’ve bought my hat:

Yesterday we gather round to watch the sun go down:

Note to self, this was a gif uploaded to twitter, for some reason I deleted the original, this is a download ot fthe twitter video!

Mine was not the most cowboy of skies so I borrowed a pile from the Honcho 1 and whipped up a video with an old lariat.

Food for thought:

I’ve not really watch cowboy movies for a long time, and there is a lot to dislike in the politics of the cowboy. The movies I remember best, High Noon & The Searchers hopeful push against this a little.

Handy Links

Old West Speak Generator Translator | LingoJam
106 Tricks

  1. Honcho – Often mistaken as a Spanish cowboy term, this word actually originated during World War II and is derived from a Japanese title for a military squad leader. In current usage, it means a foreman or other person who exercises control over workers. Free Cowboy Dictionary – Letter H – useful words of the cowboy lifestyle – definitions, terminology, slang, jargon, word origins

pixel sortin’

I am not sure if western106 is going ahead, but I was interested in using it to play around (starting with some gifs).

I’ve discovered an interest in pixel sorting although I am not sure I really understand it. I installed EVA-01/pxlsrt the other day and played around a bit.

Today I grabbed a public domain image of Monument Valley and messed around a bit:



Today’s daily create looked as if it might fit in with this idea, but I wandered off into a photoshop tutorial