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Add a background image, either choose by clicking image or upload by choosing a file above.

Drag the words you want from the list. Then drag them about to position them.

Don't see a word you need, add a word, type it above and press the return key (you can type a whole line in the box if you like).

You can load a different picture search and different words to the page by changing the url. The default is a list of winter words and a flickr search for winter.

The image search can be changed by adding a t parameter to the url, eg ..../index.html?t=spring

The word list on the right is pulled from a google spread sheet following the idea of Tom Wordward, you can use this sheet template to make a new list and image search, click on the link and it will prompt you to make a copy: Make a Word List.

If you make a list the sheet will create a link to this page that will load your words and search (from the sheet) automatically.

An earlier version of this page used a wordlist from @ericcurts Eric Curts: Control Alt Achieve: Wintertime Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings without attribution at this time for which I appoligies.

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fridge.html?t=spring&id=1gjQknTGGEBV68GWl67lPIOupdUBdacLwt2xv2W8HxLs should reload this page with spring words (from the spreadsheet iwth the id) and pictures from a search for spring.

Words 'Scotland small?', image search Scotland