Fridge Poetry

Fridge Header.Png

The Fridge is a virtual Fridge Poetry webpage. You can use it to write poems.

The page allows you to write a poem by dragging words around, you can choose a background too.

When you load the page it defaults to an image search for winter and a list of winter words. You can create new sets of words and searches and load then instead.

How to Customise the Fridge

The Fridge loads the word list and the word to use to search flickr from a google sheet. To create your own you can duplicate a template sheet and edit it.

  1. Make a duplicate of the template with this link: Make A Word List. This will invite you to copy the sheet into your own google drive (you need a google account).
  2. You add the search string to a cell on the first sheet.
    Sheet Instruction 1
  3. On the second sheet, Words, add the word you want to the first column:
    Sheet Instruction 2
  4. Publish your sheet. File ->Publish to web...
    Sheet Instruction 3
  5. You can get the link to the Fridge that will load your search and words from the first sheet:
    Sheet Instruction 1
  6. Optionally tweet me, @johnjohnston, the link and I'll add it below.