John – once again, really appreciate your investing the time to document and share your experience. Having read through your article (and previous posts on Yammer), it seems like the delete/re-install of the app has resolved the issue. Although, I did think that you had tried this before but without joy?
I’m scratching my head a little about how to turn this experience into a piece of learning or outcome that will help users for the future. The OneNote ‘vision’ is a persuasive one but the ‘experience’ in practice in a classroom of children – particularly for iOS users – seems to be a little too easy to derail. How do we help other teachers to tread a path that avoids these sort of issues and provide feedback that helps strengthen the product? My worry is that for the 000s of teachers less tech savvy and less diligent than John, abandoning quietly is far easier than persisting. The positive is the speed of response and receptiveness to user feedback from the Microsoft team. It would be great to get an explanation from them about the root cause so that it may be used to help others avoid any issues or just be incorporated in a future fix.