5 Sound Stories is a way to create short soundscapes and save them along with some texts. It was inspired by Five Card Flickr and the suggestion of pascale colonna @colonna69 in a tweet or two.

At the moment very much unfinished. Please add some stories to give me something to chew on.

I borrowed the php code for saving from @cogdog's Five Card Flickr, so this should eventually be under the GLP license but he code is too horrible to share yet.

Does not really work on iOS due to lack of support for preloading audio.

Using the Freesound API to grab lists of sounds for keyword/tags.

You could put in 5 keywords and get sounds to match a story or poem in your head, or get a random set of sounds and write a poem story to match.

Once you have your sounds, you can change them, randomise lists etc, see the right sidebar for more tips.

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