The pages listed below are use the google maps api to display a walk.
Using the Trails iPhone app, GPSPhotolinker and some SuperCard scripting.

I go for a walk with the Trails app recording a gpx file. I take some photos. The gpx file and photos are transfed to my mac. I then use GPSPhotoLinker to add the gps data to the photos. I use SuperCard to produce an xml file listing the photos and a line description of the walk. These are uploaded. The web page parses the xml data and shows the line and photos on a google map. I got a lot of information and code from Google Maps API Tutorial.

In the long run i want to be able to do it all through a supercard project rather than use multiple steps. The idea would be to use the project to load a gpx and some photos, it would use the gpx file to locate the photos and then to produce the xml file and upload it and the associated photos.

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