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My Web 2 Trip

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A short trip through my web 2.0 history



a tiny step, dipping my toes in Web 2 OH

Once, I tasted the blog water it was too late

What follows is a series of first posts, the content of which is about as interesting as auto generated "hello world!" ones.

Getting my pupils blogging March 2004

Sandaig 2004

My First Flickr photo was not exciting.


This photo was taken on December 7, 2004.

First Podcast Episode

Radio Sandaig Mon, 29 Nov 2004

Sandaig 1 Pod

First Post John @ Sandaig


Feb 2005, my first EDU blog

First Delicious Link


Feb 2005

By Spring 2006 I was mashing up RSS with MagpieRSS pulling together blog posts via technorati, flickr pics and delicious links.

Fortunately most of these things have disappeared.

2006 an early Flickr Google Maps Mashup

Flickr Maps 2006

My first Edit of the ScotEdublogs Wiki

Seb Wiki Dec 2006

Dec 2006

first youtube

Uploaded by troutcolor on Apr 6, 2007

First Tweet

Joining Twitter July 07

July 07

A domain of ones own


First Posterous


June 2008

Beginning to get AudioBoo

May 2009

one more thing...

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