DS106 Random Gif API - Some silliness

The DS106 Random Gif API solves the problem of finding an awesome(sic) gif for your blog when you are tired of just one gif. instead you can use the API to insert a random gif so that visitors see a different gif every time they visit. The DS106 Random Gif API offers succour to the indecisive, boosts your visitor count and cures boredom. Why settle for one carefully chosen gif when you can have many random ones. Use the The DS106 Random Gif API today;-)

Usage: <img src="https://johnjohnston.info/oddsandends/ds106gif" alt="a random ds106 gif " />

a random ds106 gif

Reload the page for a new gif.

Multiple Gifs

For example: DS106 GiF TV

THe DS106 Random GiF API will return info about a bunch of gifs as json.


f parameter, format must be jsonp.

Here is an example page loading 10 gifs: DS106 GiF API jsonp example using jQuery.



Cause I almost can?


It started with some gif scraping: Gifs, Gifs then DS106 Random Gif API and A grid of ds106 gifs

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