Currently working on this page, live, give it a try but strange things might happen
First Choose an image File: or make a or Add Coke

This is a experiment, after choosing an image you will see a Add Don button, click that, and then click the Make Gif button that appears. A still image will appear on the left followed by a gif on the right after a short delay (mobile is a bit slower).

Just uses the image as background, 1st frame of gif, so no background animation.

Using gif.js for gif animation. File grabbing from Reading local files in JavaScript - HTML5 Rocks.

Everything happens in your browser. Not working here in Firefox, Chrome & Safari work for me, I've only tried IE9 on a pc and the file upload fails there. No error checking we codejam econo;-)

The Square Jim is a start/test

Not sure why I get some black frames esp on iOS? fixed or kludged around.