Flickr Lunes


This is a way to search for, and stamp with attribution, Flickr images that you can use to write a Lune.

You can use the images in blog posts, presentations etc and not worry about attribution.


Put a word in the search box and click Go.

If there is more than one page you can go through the pages by clicking the >> or changing the number in the page box.

Click on a thumbnail to see larger version of a photo, choose a size and create a stamped image with attribution or some html.

How to write a Lune

A Lune is a fixed-form variant haiku created for the English language.
Remember a lune has only 3 lines:
First 3 words 
	5 words in the 2nd
3 more words
A lune may rhyme, include metaphor or simile, and can be about anything at all. It may be serious, silly, in the present, in the past or anywhere in between.

Robert Kelly Lune:
-Three lines containing a syllabic count of 5-3-5.
-A complete thought within those three lines (thirteen syllables).
Jack Collom Lune:
-Three lines containing a word count of 3-5-3.
-A complete thought within those three lines (eleven words).
Article Source: The Lune: The English Language Haiku:


The photos found by the search are all ones with licenses that allow derivative works.

Flickr safe search is on.