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Searches flickr & inspired by CogDogCodeAcademy: A Random Freesound Generator with, I hope a sprinkling of #ds106. A litle more detail on the blog: flickrSounds for #ds106

Click the flickr pic to load another, click the soundwave to load another sound.

As a #ds106 assignment, create a story of 3 picture sound combos, Illustrate a quote, saying or slogan... example


use the button above to add the current picture/sound here

Wordpress HTML 5 Audio || Do not show the title ( for a riddle)

The wordpress style embed code will use [audio path/to/Freesound/mp3] while the HTML 5 Audio will use the audio tag. The Save AV Slides will save the list to a file and give a link and iframe code to see a image/sound slides show..

Demo: CSS3 Buttons is useful