Great to meet you here in this course, too, John! 🙂 The Glow Blogs project sounds great. My own experience in BC is like Lucas’s (we both work at UBC): the primary and even secondary schools are much more closed than higher ed. And we have to deal with a law in BC that says you can’t put students’ identifying information anywhere where it will be stored outside of Canada, without written permission (and for under age students, that’s from their parents). It makes the use of things like Twitter, Google Docs, Dropbox…well, just a whole lot of web tools that much harder. You can’t just get them to sign something that says the students’ names will be stored there, but also exactly what will happen with that information (which, of course, is darn hard to figure out).

And by the way, there’s a fantastic team of people working on this course, many more than just me. Lucas is one of them!