Hi John welcome to TWP, Glow Blogs looks incredible I love the range in the Glow Gallery https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/glowgallery/ . It is nice to see the primary classroom opened up a bit. I am not sure about in your parts but in Canada K-12 classrooms are often really isolated. I am also a primary teacher by trade and now am in Higher Ed. When it was incredible to see how much students could produce when given a chance. It is off the web now due to the end of a hosting contract, but my grade 5-6 class made a blog about Salmon. Each student wrote a different part of the content. This helped me get around some of the privacy issues we are dealing with here in BC but it was an incredible experience to see what they could do on the web and learn about the content. Do you have privacy issues to deal with in Scotland? How do you get around them?