Responding to John Johnston’s discussion of the value of blogging as a space for sharing, Ian Guest wonders about the various features associated with Twitter.

Perhaps not necessarily ‘lost’ John, but as @claganach implied, decidedly harder to find?
I guess few folks make much use of the ‘archiving’/cataloguing’ features such as Moments & Bookmarks? And Liking of course seems to have been repurposed from Favoriting.
— Ian Guest (@IaninSheffield) May 6, 2020
One thing I wonder about sharing spaces is not what is technically possible – Twitter actually includes quite a few features to help users, such as hashtags, saved searches, bookmarks and moments to name a few – the question is how easy is it to personally mine this information and subsequently build upon it? This was the point that both Cal Newport and Austin Kleon have recently touched upon, sharing the power of a space of one’s own.

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