Today’s Heron
I've been waiting nearly 5 years to get this again since Heron on statue in Victoria Park Glasgow
moorhen with chicks
Victoria Park Birds
This morning's walk in the park.
Clear blue, quiet, blossom and new leaves in Victoria Park this morn.
Victoria Park Monochrome Magnolia. I've tried many time to get a photo of this magnolia. Colour has not helped. I
Self challenge on my daily exercise today. ROYGBIV in the park.
Ivy seeds
Mating Herons Yesterday in the park.
Today's walk in the park.
From todays local exercise in Victoria Park.
Herons, I just missed them mating.
Victoria Park today
First Primrose
Loch Ard
More spring
Spring Frogs: Lots of signs of spring in Victoria Part today:-)
In Colour A few Hyperspektiv processed images, gridded with a shortcut.
Blackout Leaks
Oak from below
Redwing in the crocuses
Interesting texture.
In the midst of a very wet and windy February a wee bit of hope.
day 11 Attachment #mbfeb 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge
I plain forgot to 1. Take an appropriate photo & 2. Post a photo for the microblog photo challenge yesterday.
this sign of brighter weather was followed by sleet, hail & thunder day 10 Sign #mbfeb 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge
A heron awaits a lull in Storm Ciara day 9: Lull #mbfeb 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge
Contrast New and Old #mbfeb 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge
Above, Winter Flowering Cherry day 7 #mbfeb 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge

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