this morning’s hawthorn
This Morning’s Blue. For the challenge 💭
Avenue of trees green for For challenge 📷 🌈
Victoria Park Evening
Yellow Welsh Poppy with Raindrops for For challenge 📷 🌈
Easily spotted orange: For challenge 📷 🌈
Red Tulips For challenge 📷 🌈
On the way to the park this morning I tried to get two blackbirds sitting on the wire, but as
Reflective walk this morning
Park Birds, I am pretty sure there is a "duck's back" joke on the second one.
Early Morning in the park.
I am seeing a lot more kids chalking of late.
Found on the path beside the pond at Victoria Park this morning. I wonder if it was caught by heron
All misty wet with rain... The Blossom is going now, leaves coming through.
I’ve been to the park 38 days straight. First time it has been raining! Strange times in Scotland!
Heron's Head. Victoria Park
Water on a dabchick's back.
Today’s Heron
I've been waiting nearly 5 years to get this again since Heron on statue in Victoria Park Glasgow
moorhen with chicks
Victoria Park Birds
This morning's walk in the park.
Clear blue, quiet, blossom and new leaves in Victoria Park this morn.
Victoria Park Monochrome Magnolia. I've tried many time to get a photo of this magnolia. Colour has not helped. I
Self challenge on my daily exercise today. ROYGBIV in the park.
Ivy seeds
Mating Herons Yesterday in the park.
Today's walk in the park.
From todays local exercise in Victoria Park.

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