Photos August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge #mbaug Day 3 Bug Found this good looking guy on a walk today, loosely a bug, August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge #mbaug Day 2 Floating August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge #mbaug Day 1 Up Washing Up (quarter to midnight)
Large Red Damselfly, near Loch Ard. Id via Large Red Damselfly - British Dragonfly Society
One of a few hundred generated by laying random images with imagemagick.
Harebell in the rain
There are now 3 chick and 2 unhatched eggs in the dabchick nest in Victoria Park.
Walk to Loch Humphrey this morning. Lots of ringlets. A possible fritillary near the loch A few whites as we
We have been watching a pair of dabchicks in Victoria Park pretty much every day during lockdown. Today we saw
Victoria Park Evening Light
Ardinning 4 Jul 2020 Morning
Morning Fox. I've been surprised at the lack for foxes spotted in my 7am lockdown walks. Half an hour earlier
underpass maths
One of the Victoria Park Herons perched nicely this morning. Clear Sky!
Petals on the pond
this morning’s hawthorn
This Morning’s Blue. For the challenge 💭
Avenue of trees green for For challenge 📷 🌈
Victoria Park Evening
Yellow Welsh Poppy with Raindrops for For challenge 📷 🌈
Easily spotted orange: For challenge 📷 🌈
Red Tulips For challenge 📷 🌈
On the way to the park this morning I tried to get two blackbirds sitting on the wire, but as
Reflective walk this morning
Park Birds, I am pretty sure there is a "duck's back" joke on the second one.
Early Morning in the park.

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