Ardinning around dawn
Beautiful sky over @Banton_pr this morn. A warning?
A last holiday walk this morning out to Duncolm. Great view of hills surrounding Loch Lomond. Photo not so great.
Diverting my self from the news of further lockdown by playing with randomising blends with imagemagick. Photos from Necropolis New
Ardinning This Morning
A bright day for a walk around Glasgow Necropolis More photos on Flickr:
Went for a short walk round the Kilpatrick Muir this morn. Arrive at sunrise and the car park already full.
A favourite tree this morning.
Rosy Marbled Dawn
We had a small Christmas bubble on the beach at lunchtime today. Some cold food, chestnut rolls and chickpea parcels
Cleaning up- Last Day of School Yesterday
Christmas Decorations  
Victoria Park Pond, Scots pines reflected
Ivy, I am a big fan Really dull day felt like it was getting dark at 3 this afternoon when
Brutalist reflection
A more serious photographer than me shooting the inversion.
A couple of autumn leaves brightens up an otherwise dreary day. #mbnov Jean MacDonald - Microblogvember Returns! 🗓🖊🖋
Water Shrew, my class dragged me into the playground to show this corpse. They know my interests.
Autumn Trunk & Leaves
Silver Birch
Fern, green on green
24-Hour Photo Challenge Location: Glen Douglas , Scotland Local Time: 09:12am A hint that things might brighten up didn't come
Autumn Reflections, see 8 days ago
Broomhill #Hammershøi
Long Cloud Along Brassie Beach
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Parklife
Playing around with imagemagick using photos from a couple of walks
Common Darter dragonfly
Ardinning Thursday Afternoon

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