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If Twitter killed the RT and the # it could only be better for the world.

They didn’t make this monster, they just did what the monster wanted for 10 years, in the hope of making millions. They’ve done that, perhaps now they need shutting down.

@everythingabili See, likes are private, no follower counts,  RT not available: What’s the difference between and Twitter? – Help.

Quoted Monday 27 July, 2020

En passant: this fabulous hoard of family photographs reminds one that most people living today will leave nothing like this because their digital photographs will be on computer disks or hosted on online servers. Which means that when they die, most of those accounts will be closed or inaccessible to relatives, and the images will therefore be lost to posterity. Which is why, when people ask me about digital preservation, I tell them to print anything they wish to preserve and store them in shoeboxes in their attics. That’s the only way their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will ever be able to see them.

Memex 1.1 | John Naughton’s online diary is a great read, also a newsletter: Memex 1.1

Hey Pressto! Conference 2020 – A WordPress and ClassicPress conference which happens only on Twitter  #HeyPresstoConf20 organised by Phil Barker (@philbarker) and Pat Lockley  (@pgogy).

It seems to follow on from the 2020 PressEdConf Conference ( I took part in the 2018 one)

Plenty of interesting ideas, for example,  the strong mention of classic WordPress and the Environmental Policy.

A while back I wondered about participating in PressEd using a blog and bridgy that might be an interesting way to take IndieWeb ideas to Hey Pressto.

Watched Fawkes: Protecting Personal Privacy against Unauthorized Deep Learning Models (USENIX Security 2020)

Fascinating watch

More on Fawkes This is really fascinating stuff.
Including Binaries for MacOS/Windows/Linux
This is a commandline thing, but the instructions are fairly straightforward.

My test took a bit longer than 40 seconds per image. I can see a wee bit difference and there is a fair increase in file size. I wonder if the cloaking survives resizing or other image operations.

Update, the first run produced png files, I then read the help and set the format for output to jpg. That made the file size a lot smaller. 140 KB as opposed to the original 828 KB

I guess this ort of thing could be built in to image editors.

via: John Naughton Thursday 23 July, 2020 | Memex 1.1

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You either practice social distancing or you don’t. This is exactly the vague ambiguity that Westminster has been guilty of. And, up and until now, mostly resisted in Scotland. If you practise social distancing you plan around it, instead of enacting a policy of wishful thinking

I was disappointed by being “free to choose” to wear a mask or not. ‬I don’t have the knowledge or understanding to make that decision. It also seems it would be better if everyone did same thing? I’ve been reassured by Scot Gov decisiveness & clarity so far…

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#tds1850 Guesswork matters

failure and hope are the very things that have propelled human progress to date

the loss of the random and serendipity are worrying too. #tds1850

Loved the linked photoset of kids playing, outdoors & sometimes, somewhat risky.