Hi everyone,
Been experimenting with my Pi Zero since I found it didn’t work with my Samsung Galaxy Tab.
It seemed to work with my laptop running Win7 but always stopped (losing connection and freezing) after a few minutes.
Reading about problems with overheating I prised off the PiHut’s heatsink and used a large noggin of brass rod stood on end with white heatsink compound. (just as a temporary test)
Now the PiZero naturewatch system seems to be stable.
So my questions are.
What heatsinks do you all use on your naturewatch camera Raspberry Pi Zero to absolutely stop this overheating problem.
What ever was anyone thinking running the processor as such full stretch that the naturewatch camera is soooo flaky?
Springwatch intimated this was a stable product and that it just worked out of the box…….
Comments please.
Many thanks in anticipation