HI John,
I just put together my Pi zero W and camera as recommended in the online “Daylight Camera Instructions”.
Powered up correctly and then used my Samsung Tab3 to connect to the Pi. (all OK so far)
When I tap ‘Start Recording’ the top button changes to Stop Recording and the whole system freezes.
I am then ‘locked out and have to power down the Pi only to power back up and reach the same impasse.
Are you supposed to be able to see a ‘live video feed’ once you press ‘Start Recording’?
How do you know the system has taken any pictures?
If the first button I press (after power up and wifi connecting) is ‘View pictures’ I get a message no pictures to view. (Understandable as I haven’t taken any!)
If I then press Start Recording, then the whole system freezes.
This was supposed to be a ‘foolproof’ naturewatch camera and now I’m stuck.
There seems to be scant information on how to operate the Naturewatch camera or how to troubleshoot it.
Is there a ‘dummy’s guide’ online somewhere?
Do I have to enable the camera in a .ini file somewhere.
Where is the help when it doesn’t work out of the box…sigh
I am lost….