Hi Ian,
Huffduffer has a bookmarklet. Clicking it pops a window and one click there adds it to your huffduffer page and RSS feed. I subscribe to my feed in Castro on my phone. So there are 2 clicks to get an episode to my phone.

As to the unseemliness, I don’t think it is a problem. I would not visit a page of a podcast if I had subscribed to the podcast’s feed. Some (most?) pod-catchers, have their own copy of the feed, so If I subscribe to a podcast in Castro, I’ll not hit the podcast page or its own feed to be counted. I presume that a commercial podcast would count the plays/downloads of the podcast MP3 file? I might be way off base here as the ethics of this didn’t cross my mind until now!

What Huffduffer does, for me, is allow me to listen to podcast episodes, without subscribing to the whole feed. I am listening to a wider variety of podcasts, and even the odd bit of music/youtube video.