Chaps. As a fellow podcast… podcast’er’ ? Podcast’ee’ ? Podcastjunkie? Afficionaudio?
Thanks for bringing Huffduffer to my attention, but I have a couple of little concerns that you might be able to allay for me.
Am I right in thinking it’s a bit, well, manual? It seems to take quite a bit of effort to huffduff the information and make a post, rather than finding a podcast page and being able to one-click post it using, say a bookmarklet?
Secondly, isn’t there something a little bit unseemly(?) in huffduffing a direct link to a sound file, rather than to the page where the sound file can be downloaded/streamed? Some podcasters might be relying on page clicks and other metrics as part of their meagre income stream?

Or, as a noob, have I just missed something obvious? Just wondering what your thoughts are.