@johnjohnston @JohnPhilpin You’d have to have the script poll the favorites URL to see if it’s changed, and then count JSON entries since the last post. You can store the ID of the current (last) entry in a plist each time the script makes a post, then read it back each time it runs, find that entry, and count entries forward in the file from that point to see if there are at least 5 (or see if the list/array item number in a list/array of IDs the “last ID” is ≥5). Only make a new post if it is, and then record the ID of the top post again.

It’s…a bit convoluted, but possible. Or if you have a very scriptable JSONfeed-supporting RSS reader, that could make it easier.

And based on what I understand of the M.b Micropub docs, you should be able to post to a Micropub-enabled blog with some HTTP POSTs via do shell script and curl (not as nice as the built-in XML-RPC support, but we’re in a post-URL Access Scripting world, so…)