Home early enough for a walk round Victoria Park. A sparrow hawk being chased by crows. The parakeets are back zooming and shrieking all over the place exotic green on a grey sky. I think I could see the dab chick chick following a parent out on the pond. Work cobwebs away.

Read: NetNewsWire 5 Feature Requests

I first used NetNewsWire back in 2002, really started using in in 2005 stopped when it left Brent Simmons’ hands.

The new version is lovely, I am still hooked into inoreader so hope that one of the feature requests it to add that as a syncing option. Until I will use NetNewsWire for a few feeds (I think the default one), I don’t do all my reading via inoreader anyway so usually have a few double reads anyway.

Read Been duped on Facebook and Amazon’s platforms? Well, you’re not alone | John Naughton (the Guardian)

Allowing third parties access to the online giants is as risky as it is profitable

Ever since the web arrived, the overriding mantra of online entrepreneurs has been “get big fast”: recruit users or customers as quickly as possible to get to the point where the network effect kicks in and discourages potential competitors.

This seem to be to be the opposite of what Manton is doing with Micro.blog I am delighted about that