The Small Web is for people (not startups, enterprises, or governments). It is also made by people and small, independent organisations (not startups, enterprises, or governments2).

I got site.js up and running on my raspberry pi for a while. Pretty straightforward (I managed the certs stuff eventually).

The idea of The Small Web is the sort of thing I’ve been interested in since I started blogging. I’d love Glow to do something like this for educators (Glow Blogs is part way there, government hosting for some (educators) of its citizens).

Hope to dig into this some more. All the ideas are just lovely!

Bookmarked SAFE Acoustics - Rainforest Audio (
The SAFE Project has been placing recording devices throughout the rainforest in Borneo. That audio is now available to listen to here.
screenshot of safe project

SAFE Acoustics – Rainforest Audio a beautiful project. Raspberry Pis, across different environment in the Borneo rainforest record audio. There is a how to at: Ecosystem monitoring, made easy.
Via Raspberry Pi listening posts ‘hear’ the Borneo rainforest – Raspberry Pi