Read Snail Habitats For Mrs. Nations Class

Snail Habitats For Mrs. Nations Class

These are student created snail habitats. Each habitat has a Raspberry Pi computer with a mini camera attached to it, which is programmed to take a snapshot photo every hour. This will allow students to see where the snails are hanging out the most and improve their habitats over time.

This looks like a great project. I wish we has seen it when we had our mud snails in class.

I don’t think we could have used Raspberry PIs on the school network but I am sure this could have been adapted to see the photos locally in the way we use our @naturewatch camera.

It also reminds me of my Raspberry Pi Gif Cam

As I was driving to work this morning I had a strange encounter. It was dark, I had stopped at the 5th set of traffic lights about half a mile from home. Out the corner of my eye, on the far bottom corner of the windscreen was a mouse. it disappeared towards the bonnet then reappeared in the same spot. Next it walked across the bottom of the screen and then walked up and onto the roof! At that point the lights changed, I wasn’t quick thinking enough to hit the hazards and think of stopping, so I moved off. I hope that somehow the wee guy slid to safety.