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  1. Think of something to write a lune about.
  2. Search for a picture using the find button.
  3. click on a picture you like
  4. Type in your lune
  5. Click Go
  6. Your lune picture will load. Click and hold on it to save it to your photos.

How to write a Lune

A Lune is a fixed-form variant haiku created for the English language.
Remember a lune has only 3 lines:
First 3 words 
	5 words in the 2nd
3 more words
A lune may rhyme, include metaphor or simile, and can be about anything at all. It may be serious, silly, in the present, in the past or anywhere in between.

The Lune: The English Language Haiku:


This is an attempt and work in progress to write a semi-useful ipod web app for teaching.

The photos found by the search are all ones with licenses that allow derivative works. The photos are automatically stamped with attribution.

At the moment it is pretty crude. I hope to be able to automatically size the lines to fit pictures and perhaps give a choice of font. The auto size should allows you to write longer lines and more traditional haiku.

using the phpFlickr to search and GD to stamp the photos, jquery to do the accordion stuff