Glow Cast is a new podcast. Just one episode so far.

As you would imagine it is a podcast about Glow. The idea is to keep the episodes short and fairly casual. The more important function is to demonstrate how easy it s to podcast and provide some resources for would be podcasters.

Glow Blogs now provide a very good podcasting platform. The increase upload file size will ensure that reasonable length podcasts can be published with ease.

I’ve long believed that podcasting is a very underused technology in the classroom. It can be a very motivating tool that can touch on any area of the curriculum as well as hitting multiple literacy experiences. Podcasting can provide great opportunities for projects and collaborative learning. In the past it was quite difficult technically but now it is very simple indeed.

**If you are thinking of dipping your toes into podcasting but are unsure of the first steps check out Glow Cast the resources are only beginning to to build.


From Pinboard: bookmarks for johnjohnston for the most part.

One of the things I love about open education in general, and open educational resources in particular, is the creative potential they offer to find, use, reuse, create and recreate such a wealth of diverse content and resources.

Lorna Campbell: Creativity, serendipity and open content | Open World

The post has some lovely examples of sources of surprising  stuff, great rabbit hole links to dive into. Most of the sources could easily be used to inspire some digital creativity, storytelling or practise using media tools. Or just for a little silliness!

Tit-Bits –

Some interesting edu reading links here. I think the podcasting one is missing a trick by mentioning 1:1 podcasting, IMO, is a wonderful opportunity for collaborative learning. You can do a lot with one computer and a bit of classroom organisation.

There is obviously a lot of deep thinking to be done here, my initial though holds, I don’t think the internet is unique. we have managed to mismanage a lot of other things collectively, ozone layer, environment, health the net is no different. Except it might be easier to sort out internet economy and culture than the environment.

As for artists, the internet can at leat give creative types the chance of bypassing the hegemonies that control publication and access to audience?


Ten years ago today I made my first post on this blog. 882 post (plus this one) for a total of over a quarter of a million words. I’d posted to blogs before this one, but this one stuck.

You would think, by this time, I’d have some sort of plan going, but no, this blog continues to be pretty haphazard without a real sense of audience or single purpose.

It does provide me with a thinking tool and scrapbook which I continue to enjoy and that is still enough for me.

The blog has been the starting point for all sort of online and offline experiences. I’ve dallied with other online spaces and playgrounds, but keep coming back here.

The blog itself has moved and changes: starting as a sub weblog of my school/class site using pivot; it moved to this domain and got a change of name when I left school; got upgraded to pivotx; and then moved to WordPress. I still think of it as the same place.

Along the way, I’ve broken links, lost images and comments, but still have a reasonable portfolio of my ramblings and technological roaming.

The image with this post is to remind me to try and reflect rather than ramble;-)