Ottercubs tn

We have a new blog here at Sandaig: Otter Cubs The blog of the youngsters at Sandaig. Primary 3 made their first post today. The posts will appear on the Sandaig Otter’s blog as well as the Otter Cubs.
I don’t expect the primary 3s will be posting frequently until they have a bit more practise but please pop along and give them a comment if you have a minute or two to spare.

Netherlands 2007 6 -12 May 2007

The time for the trip to Holland is getting closer. On the previous trip we posted pictures and text from holland on a day-to-day basis on the Netherlands 2005 weblog, allowing parents and friends to follow our progress and leave comments for the children.

We hope to do the same this year, but it may be a little more difficult as the hotel we are staying in does not have an internet connection. We will try to work round this by grabbing wifi or popping into internet cafes when we can and posting from De Rank Primary when we visit them.

There is more information on the Netherlands 2007 about the trip and how to post comments to the blog.

I am testing the new layout on the Sandaig News blog, it looks like it is going to be doable. I wonder if having the top image as a background image is going to cause problems. The links etc are going to move to the left and eventually be joined by a list of the School Newsletters to download. I’ve updated the test main page again and will check out how it looks on the school machine (800 by 600 windows 2000) tomorrow.

New Sandaig News is going to replace the Sandaig News page I hope.

This session I want to try and combine the Web site and the blogs. I’ve had a few goes over the summer, but I’ve not managed anything I like so far. I learned a bit about laying out the blog with the Elephants, Netherlands 2005 and Sandaig Poets last session. Due to the school computer monitors we have to fit on a 800 by 600 screen. And I’d like to keep the Sandy with a blackboard menu in some form too.