I am of to the Scottish Learning Festival in less than an hour didn’t know I’d be making it today until a few days ago so am very pleased. I was always planning to go to Teachmeet this evening for what Ollie famously called the best cpd in the world and which is certainly be best night out you can have talking about schools and education! Think standup comedy with less jokes and more teach’n tech.
Quite a few of the ScotsEduBloggers have published their timetables, Ollie (who is speaking 6 times!) and Neil have very full days organised.
As I booked late I’ve not organised myself at all, I am going to get there early and follow my nose, try, as has be suggested to move out of my comfort zone.
The best bit of the SLF is not in my opinion the presentations, and certainly not the trade show, but the chance to meet and chat with colleagues from all over the place. I am particularly looking forward to meeting Tom Barrett from south of the border, who writes one of the most detailed and exciting blogs in primary education.

I’ll not take a laptop today and am hoping that twitter will keep me on track with what others are doing, if you want to meet, suggest a good presentation etc, duing the next couple of days then tweet me Twitter / johnjohnston.

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