What a stooshy I seemed to have caused. In no way was I throwing stones at Glow – I had enough of that when I worked at ES just at the time of the real noise that built up on the Twitter scene just before the Excellence Group was formed. (Won’t go there :)) I am and always have been a supporter of Glow. I subscribe to its vision and how it meets the needs of the context that we work in, particularly in the primary teaching sector. The work that was done with what some refer to as ‘old Glow’ was in very many cases pretty damn good. Even though the tools may not have been perfect the practice and culture of collegiate working and sharing that many were trying to establish over the years was correct ( and pretty innovative) in my view. I think some of those that worked very hard to effect change in the ICT in education domain did a huge job in a challenging context for which they may have not been recognised. Glow is much different now and has benefited from the addition of a number of contemporary tools that also sync with mobile apps. WordPress access too is much welcomed. The landscape has changed . In my work I push Glow and explore how digital tools can help us adapt and evolve our practice so that the tools allow us to learn together in more effective ways. More power to people like you John who see this and who have worked to make Glow a space that continually improves. I’d be happy to chat to you about this at any time on any forum.