‘The old Glow got a bad reputation some of this was deserved. A lot of staff have pretty negative feelings about this. I do get the impression some of these opinions were formed quickly and the holders have not had a chance to really dig into the new tools.’

I agree John. The new O365 tools are really making a difference to how I am using Glow with the pupils I teach, They really like sharing their work – Sways etc with me and others in their class and school. Blogging is also a great way for them to share their learning. I have delivered some in-school Glow CPD to colleagues and they are all very positive about the ‘new’ Glow. It’s easy to be negative about the hardware/infrastructure problem across LAs especially when you are at the ‘iPad’ face but I do believe that training and support should be at a local/school level where we can recognise these issues and work with what is available. Thanks for the post John,