I am talking about and running a workshop about podcasting at the Scottish Naace CPD Event: ICT Clicks in 2006 tomorrow.

My presentation and workshop notes from a previous Naace event which I’ll be pretty much following.

Here is the briefest overview of how to podcast, from start to finish, the links are the thing.

  1. Record with Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder windows, mac and linux versions available.
  2. Add podsafe background music from: Magnatune: MP3 music and music licensing (royalty free music and license music)., CC Mixter, Open Source Audio or mix your own online with Audio Mixer (looks like fun for children, websense prevents you joining and therefore getting mp3s you create saved in Glasgow schools.)
  3. Export to MP3, Audacity needs the LameLib Windows version from: LAME Mirrors Mac version: Download LameLib for Mac
  4. Upload to some webspace, if you do not have any you can upload to the Internet Archive( you need to join first).
  5. List a link to you podcasts in a blog, free educational blogs from http://edublogs.org/ (for Educators) or http://learnerblogs.org/ (for children and learners). A brief guide to How do you post a podcast with edublogs.org?
  6. Copy your RSS feed from your blog and run it through FeedBurner which will produce a good feed for submision to itunes

There are good handouts on the basics of using Audacity at Joe Freidhoff’s Tech Handouts

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