About John

Saturday 12 February 2011 at 11:05 am.


I am John Johnston until 17th October 2008 a class teacher at Sandaig Primary in Glasgow. In 20th October 2008 I joined north Lanarkshire Council as an Educational ICT Development Officer.

I was born in 1958 so if there is an age based digital divide I am on the wrong side of it. I've been teaching since 1991 and was at Sandaig since 1993. Before completing my pgce I worked for 6 years as a Carnivore keeper at Glasgow Zoo (now defunct).

Prior to working at Sandaig I had never used a computer. At Sandaig I became interested in HyperCard, this lead me to create learning materials for pupils, discover mailing lists and develop a website to contribute to the HyperCard community and try (not with a lot of success) and sell some shareware.
My interest in HyperCard developed into an interest in SuperCard and blogging about Supercard. My interest in web design lead me to create the school site, blogging lead me to starting the children blogging. At SETT I saw radiowaves and though, 'we can do that', so started Radio Sandaig.

I play with web 2.0 and ict in the classroom nearly every day including weekends and holidays. (I have also created and maintain a few other websites).
The picture is lifted from the bva website with permission