Read Snail Habitats For Mrs. Nations Class

Snail Habitats For Mrs. Nations Class

These are student created snail habitats. Each habitat has a Raspberry Pi computer with a mini camera attached to it, which is programmed to take a snapshot photo every hour. This will allow students to see where the snails are hanging out the most and improve their habitats over time.

This looks like a great project. I wish we has seen it when we had our mud snails in class.

I don’t think we could have used Raspberry PIs on the school network but I am sure this could have been adapted to see the photos locally in the way we use our @naturewatch camera.

It also reminds me of my Raspberry Pi Gif Cam

Common Lizard

I’ve always been interested in natural history. Recently I’ve been more aware of the effect of nature on me.

When I was in my twenties I worked in a zoo and alway presumed I continue to work outside and with nature somehow.

That didn’t really happen.

As I get towards the other end of my working life I find I am bringing nature into my classroom and talking my pupils out a lot more. The push for outdoor learning is helping as is the school I am currently working in.

I am also spending more of my weekends outside after a couple of decades of ‘spare’ time in front of a computer.

I notice a shift in my interest and attention, I now see things l must have passed many times in my youth, flora, small creatures and signs of their passing. I was always on the looked for these, but in the last couple of years I seem to be getting better at it.

I’ve seen half a dozen lizards this year in places I’ve been visiting for years without a sighting. I sometimes am aware of the depth of space around me as insects come in and out of focus. Colours, clouds and landscapes take on not much meaning but better a definition of sorts.

What a topic for a lazy Sunday.

The temptation to delve deep would lead to a failure to finish this post. After a short while my thoughts become jumbled and apprehensive.

Then there is the education and business cliche of learning from failure and the Dylan koen. On the education side I am ambivalent about the idea. #nowrongpath, although many folk I admire take part, makes me feel a little uneasy. I think I’ll skip these too.

Or I could go meta and look at my failure to meet on line challenges like this one, photo a day and a variety of voluntary courses. This might loop back to the personal and get messy too.

So I think I’ll continue my successful 3 day streak with blogvember by failing to get to grips with failure and hit publish.

This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

Is there now a problem sending webmentions to or I have I done something wrong? I’ve done it before but this post didn’t sent a mention to, or it didn’t arrive at I tried using curl as well…