I was delighted to see this update coming to iMovie.

I had a very quick play, simple and seemed to work very well. Perfect timing for our micro:bit project.



Since my blog go updated and https is turned on I can expand my IndieWeb experiments a little.

The updates allow me to use my blog to sign on to other services. I am unsure of how this all work, but it akin to using facebook, twitter or google accounts to sign on to various services.

I’ve set up an account on aperture which is the first bit of a reader app, I then can use Microsub clients like Indigenous for iOS, Together and monocle to read and respond to these article, the responses will be posted through on my own blog.

For now I’ve only got a few sites flowing through aperture and I am unsure where this sits with my rss reading. I’ve made a few posts through the readers, with varying degrees of success. Certainly worth continuing with. Some of the services are in Beta mode, but because it all happens through my blog I will not lose any content that I create.

Podcatcher Idea, I listen in the car. I often want to make a note or respond. I’d like a voice controlled function: I’d say make a note, the app would record a short audio note stamped with the current episode and time. Later I’d review and perhaps make a reply post.

My site has php updated and now using https. I suspect I have quite a few bits and pieces to fix now. WordPress updated and I am starting through the plugins which had got ahead of my previous version.

Interesting, if I airdrop a iOS screenshot from the edit sheet it comes as a .jpeg, if I save to cameraroll and airdrop I get a png.