Small Copper

Quite a lot of rain recently, but we had a dry hour or so, some sun a a fairly strong breeze.

A few blue damselflies and smallish red dragonflies along the path. Sheltered by the bracken which is starting to droop, lots of flowers go to seed. Scabious coming up strongly.


A few peacock butterflies on the knapweed, a small copper on the path, the odd painted lady and white but fewer than recently.

I love seeing wood pigeons flighting in the wind. The Black Linn was full of rain water.

A wee mess with p5.js Web Editor I’ve been watching Tom Smith‘s sketches on twitter with interest. I’ve not spent enough time playing with this, but potential for a lot of fun. One good thing is the cloning of interesting projects.

A quick Glitch embed, a small css animation test. I’ve been messing about with glitch for a while. It is an interesting free tool. An online editor that can edit html, css and JavaScript. It can also add a node.js and SQLite on the server end. This makes it a more powerful system than service that only allow you to edit the front end.

The above page only uses html and css. I made am almost useful page Flickr Poem Promptr a while back that dug a little deeper.

We had a walk round Loch Ardinning reserve this morning.
Turned out warm, still and clear despite the forecast.

Grass drying from the rain, sparkling.

Fair number of butterflies around, Small Tortoiseshells, Ringlets, some Whites and a lot of Painted Ladies. One or two others I didn’t ID, including a duller red/brown one.

Plenty of blue damselflies and some small red dragonflies.

Saw one wee lizard wriggling away through the grass and one on the wall. The latter looked as if it was regrowing its tail.Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly View of campsies from Ardinning raindrops on grass Painted Lady Common Lizard basking on wall

If I embed tweets on this blog I usually just paste in the url to the tweet and it auto-magically embeds.

Today I did this but as the tweet was part of a thread it brought other tweets in. I checked the tweet embed page and although you can hide the thread with that pasting it into WordPress seems to strip the javascript and you still get the thread.

This page,Twitter Embeds — Support — came to the rescue

[tweet hide_thread='true']

gives a nice single tweet.

NB, for Scottish educators, this is not true for Glow Blogs at the moment. I suspect due to our version of Jetpack?