child rolling on bed joyreflected lights in window, ranbowesqInside the Sydney Opera House Concert HallMorning sky with seagullan icy sycamorejar of free goldfish food labeled on liidsuburban decayquail nestingdog romping on snowsnowscape blue skyurban landscape through fencemagnolia preparing to bloomiPad drawing of the blue morpho butterflydouble rainbowpink staircaseSilent Sentinel leafless tree silhouettesnow covered brancheslettuce leavesMLK and quoteold cameraold treestone grill
More testing of the script, pretty painless process. Once the html opens in BBEdit I preview and add alt text. Probably should improve script to respect existing alt text.

I wonder too about the copyright implications. I see this as a way to point interesting photos and their real homes. Would anyone object to this on copyright/respect grounds. Also wonder about the about of space it takes on timeline, is it too much. I am thumbnailing at 120px square for that reason. seems to be working out ok.


  • Moorhens
  • Malard ducks
  • Tufted duck
  • Street pigeons
  • Wood pigeons
  • house sparrows
  • Magpies
  • Cormorant
  • Blue tits
  • Black headed gulls


  • Gorse
  • Catkins

@inoreader’s new plan will leave 90% of users unaffected. I am in the other 10% not sure I should to upgrade, it is quite a jump from current $14.99 to $49.99; slash my feeds, & lose RSS feeds; or take opportunity explore other RSS services.