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Heather Marshall adapts the game Bring Your Own Book for the classroom. This involves a series of prompts to help think differently about what you are reading. Marshall also discusses creating your own prompts. This activity reminds me of the Hot Seat activity, where students are challenged to think...

The Game of Quotes: Getting once reluctant readers whispering “I want to read that!” – The Book Sommelier looks useful.

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This episode of Future Tense raised so many questions. Just because we could, it doesn’t always mean we should. For me, this is the point of the Black Mirror series. I am also reminded of Kin Lane’s point about storytelling: 90% of what you are being told about AI, Blockchain, and automation rig...

Nice take,and linked quotes. if I didn’t have so much audio queued up…

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“Using #keynote, @scratch and #clips to put this little tutorial together. Creating animation sketch sequences in Keynote and then bringing to life with Scratch 3.0 So much fun!! @AppleEDU #everyonecancreate Also introducing some Maths X and Y concepts with Scratch background.”


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@fourtonfish Here is a pixelated gif poem I wrote using @glitch. It is a found poem lifted from the #IndieWeb -Dev chat as we worked with @drewmcweeny on understanding some CSS and Bootstrap basics: #ds106 #clmooc #edu522 Featured image: have no fear flickr photo ...
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•a web host, •a Twitter replacement, •a Twitter client that allows you to own your own data, •a Instagram replacement, •a microcasting platform, •a full blogging platform, •a new, well-curated community with a strong code of conduct, •a customized feed reader for a new community, •a syndication platform for one’s personal blog, •a low barrier entryway to having your own IndieWeb-capable blog on your own domain., •a first class IndieWeb citizen with support for multiple types of posts, IndieAuth, Webmention, Micropub, and Microsub.

👍 Liked  @c, @chrisaldrich Chris Aldrich’s great list of purposes. has been difficult to describe. At the moment I am not using it as a replacement service for twitter or Instagram but in addition to or a way of owning and enriching these services.