Aaron’s comments 📑 Making Change in Education – Champions are for Charlatans illuminate and extend Dave Cormier’s post:  Making change in education – champions are for charlatans

A good read for thinking about how Teaching and Learning changes.

I am not sure that splitting folk into champions, middle 60% and Laggards is quite accurate as folk may be enthusiastic about one thing and not another. It is useful to think about. We certainly need to think about the idea of superstar teachers and promoters of change.

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“Science Club we’re doing all things ‘Digital’ today and how these tools are used in Science. Great fun, we will do it all again next week too. Have a look at what we did today @Craig_R_Martin @FifeDLT @qahsinfo https://t.co/GvFb8C1EzB”

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an informal outlet, blogs allow you to experiment with different writing styles and voices, enabling you to find a tone that is right for you.

Lorna Campbell, @LornaMCampbell
What is academic blogging and how can you use it to build your professional profile?.

There are many other good reasons that would apply inside and outside academia in this post/presentation.

Lorna is drinking her own blogwater with @cogdog‘s WordPress presentation splot too.

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If you missed it, here are slides with links and resources for my IndieWeb and WordPress presentation at WordCamp Riverside 2018. Video coming soon. Thanks to everyone who came and participated. I’m happy to answer any additional questions.

Slides Are a great overview of IndieWeb for WordPress. Looking forward to catching the video.

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A side benefit of going IndieWeb and posting everything to my own site first instead of to social silos like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinboard, Reading.am, Pocket, Mastodon, etc.: It’s pretty easy to rack up big consecutive day posting streaks in WordPress. Toaster notification on my computer...

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A quick tutorial Go to Brid.gy Click on WordPress.com Authorize the account Copy the code Add a text or html widget to your side bar Next Step Add an h-card. An h-card is the website equivalent to a business card. You can design it anyway way you want. Add an html/text widget to your sidebar  

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Bridgy brings comments from twitter, flickr, instagram etc back to your blog.

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The most exquisite food in the world, say many celebrated chefs, is being made not in Copenhagen or New York, but in a remote temple complex south of Seoul by a 59-year-old Buddhist nun.