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“@nimble_monkey @davewiner @TiddlyWiki Indeed, TiddlyWiki is a rare web applications that is literally serverless (or can be). I did find it quite bemusing to watch the term get co-opted for things that were only conceptually serverless”

Liked No, Wikipedia didn't get actress Olivia Colman's birthdate wrong by Alexandre Hocquet (The Conversation)
Olivia Colman has a funny story to tell on Wikipedia about the age displayed in her biography in the online encyclopedia. The opportunity for a Wikipedia fact-checking.

Nice opertunity to counter poor reporting of Wikipedia accuracy.

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These attempts to introduce IDL, and the national guidance that prompted them, have tended to be characterised by a lack of conceptual clarity about inter-disciplinary approaches, leading in many cases to activities that were not really inter-disciplinary, at best being cross-curricular. Public discourse around IDL uses many different terms interchangeably – for example, cross-curricular, integrated, thematic – which are conceptually distinctive but regularly conflated.

Looking forward to the next post:

which will follow in a few days, will explore what needs to be addressed if IDL is to become a practical reality in Scottish schools.

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“Amazingly, the link still works”  Two amazing things 1) In a piece looking back over 1000 of his linkblog posts, Charles Arthur finds it remarkable that a link from 2010 still works. 2) The piece seems to be on Medium and nowhere else. I reckon the two observatiuons are linked (haha). Which m...
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A few weeks ago, I bought a Google Assistant-powered smart display and put it in our kitchen in place of the DAB radio.

Doug talks about he power of pulling out old photos. I like the on this day bit of my phone’s phones and the ability to find out what I was doing a year(or years) ago. I’ve been finding my On This Day page on this blog fascinating and would highly recommend anyone to try it out. I don’t suppose having it public is necessary as it will only be of interest to me.