Last week we had a couple of these mice and wireless keyboards: Gyration – ProductDetail – GC1105CKM.

I didn’t get much time to try it out but I don’t think I’ll be recommending that we get any more ‘smartboards’ for upper primary.

That is probably a bit of an overstatement but the Optical Air Mouse (should that be gyromouse?) was great. I needed to charge it up overnight but after that I just plugged in a usb dongle, pressed a wee button on the dongle and then one on the wireless keyboard and one the bottom of the gyromouse and it worked. There was some software to install but I didn’t bother (well I am nor allowed;-)).

I could then use the mouse anywhere in the classroom, either on a flat surface or by holding down a button on the bottom of the mouse in the air. (It is a WII the children shouted).

I’ve not really had time to check it out with children much other than to give a couple a quick try, but I think using it on a flat surface will do the job for most of them. It should be easy to pass the mouse and keyboard round the class to be used on desks. Using it in the air is a little trickier, you need to use your index finger to hold the under button in and your thumb for the left and right click.

The advantages should be, no need for children to move around the class to get to the smartboard, no shadow or bodies getting in the way and of course you do not need a smart board, a while bit of wall or big bit of paper will do.

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