After seeing David‘s Ardrossan Childhood Memory Map using flickr and seeing his flickr inspiration I’ve been working on my Google Maps Experiment again, this one is a memory map of our holiday last year. It would have been a bit more interesting if my LaCie external drive with all my photos had not died.

Or look at a larger version.

I had a try with the maps at school, but my javascript skills (well lack of skill) had ensured that it only worked on safari and firefox. I’ve now fixed it so that it works on IE (and therefore in school). I need to clean up the editing interface (and remove a ton of debugging alerts) but I hope to do that over the next few weeks. You can still try it out if you like.

The LaCie mentioned above was my backup drive for space reasons I had moved my iPhoto library onto it too.

BTW if you’ve not looked at David’s Flickr Posts (and this one and more) you should, a huge set of ideas and resources.

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