An early start, I sneaked in.How primary teachers create a community of learners.
BeBo: blogs not used, children don’t want to write?
Connections and discussions.
Ewan’s BeBo deconstruction, blog least important, comments, bands, photos, friends, Attention

  • Blogs and Comments
  • Heh, Sandaig otters, thank goodness we blogged yesterday. On to the teddies and out of school communication.
  • Musselburgh trip to France, 4698 visits, advertised on posters in local shops.
  • Clustermaps, opportunity to shoutout to the audience.
  • The Dream Dragon, example

David: Photos

  • How to bore your friends and family or A useful tool
  • Photos with notes Viking Invasion Project on Flickr
  • Highlight, link and learn, open photos to others to add knowledge.
  • Telling Tales: teddies, bubbleshare: audience.

Ewan: How do you make friends:

  • Link Out, East Lothian blogs for all children with custom sidebar .
  • Online link shareing.
  • scotedublogs

Some of the five top tips:Shoutoup sig, business card, letterheads, school boards.Read, write comment, join a wiki.
Discussion, problems and blocks from HTs and authorities.

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