Hmm, not so much provocations as provocative I think John, but then that’s what Gary does.
He makes a number of contestable points, but I’ll take just one. ‘…robust, reliable, and flexible at a good price…’ Well, buy the right model, and it’s all of those and will do 95% (I’d argue) of what most people need it to do. For the other 5%, how much do you need to do those things, and by ‘how much’ I mean that in the widest sense. Precisely ‘how much’ more would you need to invest to do the remaining 5%? Maybe that 5% is high-value, ‘can’t manage without’ kind of stuff … but maybe it’s not … or could be done in a different way?
I understand his anti-Google rhetoric, but I’d suggest the other large corps are deserving of similar criticism on ethical grounds. It’s hard to do much more than pay lip service to that when they’re governed first and foremost by the bottom line.
But hey, whaddo I know?