Thanks. Micro.blog feels more like a reader than a silo to me.

I am in complete agreement with you about the advantages or replying on your own site. However, at the moment, it can be a slightly confusing experience.

Posting here I could use the Indieweb reply bookmarklet and or fill in the ‘Post properties’ section on the WordPress post editor (provided by one of the Indieweb plugins). On some sites I could also paste a link to my post into the site I am replying too. I could try all three.

The results both here and on the site replied to vary. I am not sure I’ve managed to send a webmention to a known site from here. On some sites this will produce a link on others the whole text.

On this site, using the ‘post properties’ I’ll get the whole of your post quoted as a huge link.

I guess I should spend more time reading to understand exactly what is going on but I then to lazily expect to be able to work out things by doing.

Replied to a post by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich)
@cdevroe @johnjohnston Ideally, it would be best if people were using their own blogs for direct replies. Then *if* they choose to syndicate those responses to micro.blog, it would be best if micro.blog were able to parse that reply and see the in-reply-to mf2 class to be able to properly find and t...

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