I guess the online educational project I feel most proud of was the Sandaig Primary website.

I am not sure when I started it, the internet archive has a snapshot from July 2003. The news page says ‘Site opens ||| 11 April 2003’.

Over the next few years I and my pupils developed the site by blogging and podcasting. We were lucky enough to get in near the ground floor for pupil blogging and right at the start of podcasting. We had a lot of fun. I made plenty of mistakes, but learnt a lot.

In October 2008 I left the school after improving the site a little to allow other folk to update it.

I still visited the site and referred to it all the time.

The school have now decided to move on, and remove the site. I just finished removing all the files from the site and leaving a note.

I know the Internet is new and full of impermanence but I am pretty sad. Sandaig Otters & Radio Sandaig I’ll miss you.

3 thoughts on “All Good things…

  1. Hello!
    My name is Emma Barker, not sure if you will remember but I was a one of your students in Sandaig!
    I stumbled upon this post in my search for the Sandaig Otters website. I’m sad to hear that the website has been taken down 🙁 and I will mourn the loss of my childhood photos and school work but as the above comment says, you influence definitely carries on 🙂

    I hope all is well with you!

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