Apple’s original software construction kit: HyperCard turns twenty-five years old today | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog IMG_8585 by tantek Attribution-NonCommercial License I missed Hypercard’s birthday yesterday. I can’t begins to explain how this application has affected my computing life. HyperCard lowered the bar to making ‘software’ on a mac. When I started using […]

This month, I glanced at my historical watch. HyperCard will soon be 25, I noticed. What ever happened to it? I searched around and found venture entrepreneur and coder Tim Oren’s 2004 eulogy for the program, written the week that Apple withdrew the software from the market. HyperCard’s problem, he argued, was that Apple never […]

An introduction to Apple’s Hypercard. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson, Hypercard senior engineer Dan Winkler, author of “The Complete Hypercard Handbook” Danny Goodman, and Robert Stein, Publisher of Voyager Company. Demonstrations include Hypercard 1.0, Complete Car Cost Guide, Focal Point, Laserstacks, and National Galllery of Art. Originally broadcast in 1987. via […]

Download your artist activity pack | Stay inspired at home | Firstsite Firstsite’s mission is to improve the well-being and life-chances of all residents of East Anglia through innovation, ingenuity and creativity. We empower people, no matter their background, to be creative together and lead happier and healthier lives. This page has several pdf downloads […]

I have problems with games, especially the computer kind. I’ve never really played any. I messed about with some sort of space invaders game on my first Mac, a Performa 475, but got bored. I played Myst for about 20 minutes because it was free with the Mac. I had more fun trying to ResEdit […]

Alan ask: Interviewing Your Domain And suppies some questions, just like blogs way back when! What is your domain name and what is the story, meaning behind your choice of that as a name? ’cause .com and and others were not available. I waited too long to get my name. What was your […]