I’d spent the previous few hours walking without seeing much wildlife. The caw of a few crows and a buzzard in the mist. A couple of grouse on the braes and the odd raven, one with what looked like a lump of meat in its beak. Pigeon and tits in the trees.

Joining the metalled road from Loch Humphrey at the cattlegrid and round the next corner. A buzzard left a tree on the right of the road 10 yards in front. As I watched it glide off some goldfinches went over head. To my left two more sat chatting. My eyes were pulled by fieldfares leaving the trees. A woodpecker was silhouetted on a dead stump like a classic cartoon. It flew to the top branches and clung letting me have a good view.

Bookmarked Art Direction and the New WordPress Editor by Mel ChoyceMel Choyce (24ways.org)
This is the foundation of the new WordPress editor. Take atomic pieces, and combine them to make whole sections and layouts. Best yet, no fumbling with floats if you want to put some text next to an image!

A nice example of what Gutenberg can do. I am not using it here, the old editor suits me and supports all of the IndieWeb plugins.  It will answer some of the requests we have on Glow Blogs when it arrive there.

Thanks to my On This Day page (thanks to Alan for that), II find my review of 2006:

One of the things I like about blogging is how posts disappear into the archive to be forgotten.

One of the things I hate about blogging is how posts disappear into the archive to be forgotten


Lots of broken links some of which I’ve fixed. Led me down rabbit hole of old posts.

(NB this was yesterday’s on this day, forgot to publish)